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I am so happy to have met you and worked closely with you on the Leg Extension Unit. You are now welcome to be part of my little network. Here you will be able to chat with people who have taken these courses with me... and you!

Why am offering this group? Well truth be told when I first began my journey there was no one around me to ask questions, places to practice, give guidance, and encouragement. I would have loved this! This group is also unique because the ONLY people in it have studied with me. There are so many Master Trainers out there for you to study with, and I truly hope you do. It is what has given me different cues, ideas, and confidence to work with you. This group will provide a streamline with my words that you heard in the course from both myself and other students. Also since it's small your questions won't get lost in a larger forum.

Please use this for support. Ask the questions that come up after you've taken the course but didn't think about asking during. Find out from others if they have modifications that have helped them where they found difficulties. This forum is meant to help you grow both personally and professionally.

I hope you find this helpful ❤️

Any inappropriate comments or negative remarks will be removed. If it happens more than once you will be taken out as well.


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  • February 1, 2023


  • Meghan Anne Jones
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