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Have we met? In person... in a course... on Instagram... No matter where it was I am thrilled to have you as part of my community. If we haven't then I'm glad we found each other. 

The group "Movers and Shakers" is open to the public and I hope that you join and introduce yourself to all of us. Other groups are invitation only for those that have participated in specific courses with me and are meant to be used as a teaching tool for extra guidance and support. All groups are a safe space and should be full of kind and helpful knowledge.

If you are looking to connect with me on a specific topic please click here.

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Meghan Anne Jones
December 1, 2023 · changed the group description.

This group is for anyone interested in learning more about my little community. Here you can get to know those I've worked with and those I have not yet had the pleasure of. This group is new and I hope that I can create an amazing community of individuals who love to move and explore their body's endless ability to move.

As with all things I asked you to be kind first. If you think that you are writing something that may be unkind. Just don't write it. I have a zero tolerance policy for this and will remove anyone and their post if it occurs.

Renata Torres
This post is from a suggested group

Welcome to our group all movers & shakers! This space is meant for practitioners, body, workers, doctors, dancers, athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone curious about movement health, and wellness. Is the place for everyone to connect and share with each other their journeys and curiosities.

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