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GYROKINESIS® in Bali, Indonesia

An experience of a lifetime is the best way to describe the adventurous trip that took me half a world away to the gorgeous island of Bali, Indonesia.

Completing GYROKINESIS® level 2 was a humbling experience and an invigorating accomplishment that left me with more knowledge and confidence than I ever expected. The positive ambitious energy of all the people around me when paired with the warm humid air and the bright glow of the sun had a way of awakening me from my inside out and allowed my body to open up and smile with each movement. I’m not so sure that this would be the case if I was to take this course elsewhere. Everyone moved with such strength and grace it was almost as if we all transformed our own personal bodies into one ball of calm beauty and dynamic strength.

The setting was AMAZING. Daily our lunch was served over-looking the beautiful jungle like grounds just outside of Ubud. We were able to walk down to the Ayung river that flowed through the bottom of the resort where we were working out of. It was the perfect location to lay and swim and rest ourselves for the second part of the day. Lots of earthing happened here. After spending an hour or so swimming and laying on the grass near the river standing up came with ease. This set us up for calmness and a renewed sense of energy for the afternoon sessions.

The culture of the people of Bali is something that I will remind myself of daily. While being driven around the island on one of our days off I learned of the culture in its many shapes and forms. I learned that there are 3 temples in each village and that they give thanks every time they leave their house for both those who have less and those who have more and because without those they wouldn’t exist. I witnessed a cremation ceremony where everyone is present to pray for the soul to stay and guide them as the body burns and they then watch as the ashes are sent off to sea. I saw how little they need and found out that they are one of the happiest cultures in the world. Of all of these things, there is one thing that stuck out the most. When I asked about their culture and their beliefs they said the basis was of respect. “(We) respect those that have passed on and those that have yet to come and those we pass by day by day.” What a wonderful thing to have experienced.

This course came at the perfect time in my life. Some might even call it a sabbatical. Although it was work, I was able to spend time doing something I loved without a worry in the world. I hope all of you reading this are lucky enough to experience a passion that brings you as much joy as this did to me.  To be able to move with instructors from all over the world and study under Juliu in a beautifully serene setting amongst the sweetest of cultures will be something that will live with me forever.

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